The Ruthless Emperor

Once upon a time, there was an Emperor called ” shaman” who loves the people of his country.He had a lot of property and serves the people who were in problems.The peple of his country shows gratitude to him .slowly he became a God to them.He had thousands of soldiers,thousands of workers and they worked […]

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 Guided Relaxation                                                  

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes very softly and very gently.Let’s begin with the toes.Wiggle your toes.Now feel them relax. 2. Relax your ankles and feet.Feel energy move up from the earth….up your feet to your knees relaxing the legs. 3. Relax your thighs 4.The energy moves up your legs … relaxing them.Now,deeply relax […]

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Guided Prayer 

Sit in a comfortable position,gently close your eyes and relax With a feeling of humility and love,mentally repeat the prayer slowly:                       O Master! Thou art the real goal of human life. We are yet but slaves of wishes Putting bar to our advancement. Thou […]

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Stranger? Or Ghost?

Once upon a time, there were four friends staying in an old house which was kept behind their village.The construction of it was not good ,because of improper functioning of doors,windows .One day they were in a happy mood unexpectedly,a stranger entered their house and searched all corners to steal something from their house,but didn’t […]

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