Beloved Father Beloved Son

A 60 year old Arab man lived in New York.He loved to plant potatoes in his garden, But he was alone, old and weak.His son was in jail, so the old men sent him a letter. He explained his problem: ” Beloved son, I am very sad, because I can’t plant potatoes in my garden. […]

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Furious And Frustration

After completion of my B.Tech from recognised college I got job in Manufacturing Company as a engineer. Under tremendous pressure from family to get married, I went to meet a girl under the arranged marriage system of India. After meeting, the girl rejected me upfront because she didn’t like my Job. I was furious and […]

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We Are One

We are one Having ears,eyes,heart,legs etc.. Yes we have to survive. We are living organisms Having lot of space Yes we have to play. We are god’s gift Having our own strengths Yes we have to pay. We are sun shines Having lot of energy Yes we have to utilize. We are like the stars […]

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