As a Human Being

As a Mechanical Engineers we have to

Do miracles i.e. Designing of machines,

Automobiles ,production,manufacturing new things ,innovation of world.

By the way we found our freedom of

Wholehearted joy in our eyes to become brighten, I’m an Engineer but I’m just a common man that pays something special.

Of course!all are equally equipped all have same features that includes ears,nose,eyes,head,legs,our total body equipped ,that is controlled by our mind and the heart.

But the thing is our nature ,surroundings differs .We are born like human being

we occupy our lands,soil,water,nature,surroundings,places,etc….

And using of all these we create a caste,region,borders,streets,rules,etc…all things are invented by us by the usage of those nature,surroundings,soil,water,etc..

But we are studying,working ,eating,drinking,etc.for the sake of our needs &lives that comes from our nature, surroundings etc..

This is our land,i.e. our mother land called Earth ,the name of it was given by a common person called human so we have to love our nature,sourroundings.without these we are just empty.

As a Mechanical Engineer the world is in our hands,so

Love the Nature, surroundings.


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